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Born in 2005 in the streets of New York City This Respek Wear began with a simple t-shirt design. The front of the shirt read "Do Not Feed The Pigeons" and on the back it said "No Bread & No Seeds". In a week over 100 shirts were sold through grass roots marketing as the t-shirt was symbolic for what the name "This Respek Wear" stood for. "Respek is something earned not given" and the outside the box designs demonstrated that. This Respek Wear prides itself for being different and bold and what started off as a simple t-shirt design years later has developed into a lifestyle/clothing brand. From snapbacks, t-shirts, canvas art and even area rugs This Respek Wear specializes in creating limited edition pieces that not only are "outside the box" but thought provoking designs which is the truest effect of creativity. #TRW #TRWART #RESPEK #TRWLIFE